Synthetic Bamboo

Lighter, stronger, and longer lasting than real bamboo

KHW Synthetic Bamboo Collection is the best solutions for architectural brilliance with natural looking quality artificial bamboo. Aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and adaptable, these projects are perfect for resorts, landscapes, hotels, and other public and private buildings.

KHW Bamboo Poles

Style and Sturdiness

Artificial Bamboo Collection

KHW bamboo Products are inspired by natural bamboo materials made from high-grade ASA polymer with added stabilized formulations. We reproduced all the true-to-life natural beauty and rustic textures of the real bamboo. This cutting-edge innovation brings the allure of natural bamboo while leaving behind its inherent challenges against elements. Wherever you installed it, you’ll be amazed at how well it withstands extreme climate conditions, pest damage, and general wear & tear for decades while still looking fabulous. 

Synthetic bamboo KHW
Synthetic bamboo Fence Work KHW
Synthetic bamboo Panel KHW
Synthetic bamboo Fence Work KHW
KHW bamboo poles

01 Specs

Long Lasting

Synthetic Bamboo poles

These KHW synthetic bamboo poles are long-lasting, maintenance-free bamboo poles will not split, peel, or fade over time. Perfect for decorative purposes and can also be reinforced with metal rods for structural applications.

KHW synthetic bamboo panel work

Premium & Asthetic

Synthetic Bamboo panels

Combine premium aesthetics and affordability with authenticity, we present the synthetic bamboo panels. This easy to install bamboo wall cladding is versatile from backyard renovation to world-class projects and everything in between. 

Bamboo panels applications

01 Specs

Bamboo Panel (Slat)


KHW bamboo fence

Luxurious Looking

Synthetic Bamboo fence

Luxurious bamboo fencing solution that perfectly reproduces the beauty of various bamboo fence panels. With our multi-regional bamboo fencing options, you can incorporate bamboo fences into your landscape design and enjoy decades of worry-free beauty

Synthetic bamboo Mats work - KHW

01 Specs

Available in two weaving patterns

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Premium & Asthetic

Synthetic Bamboo mats

High-performing synthetic materials meet traditional craftsmanship. KHW Woven Mat was incorporated with all-weather synthetic rattan and then hand-woven by our skilled artisans.

Bamboo Mats Application

Aesthetic Looking

Synthetic Bamboo pelupuh

Pelupuh shingle reproduced the aesthetics of hand-split bamboo panels. Even the most fastidious clients would agree that it is stunningly the same. Versatile and elegant, it can be applied on the bamboo siding or bamboo roofing.

It’s suitable everywhere, from small themed restaurants to world-class resorts and everything in between.

01 Colors




02 spec


Special Reinforced Resins. Ensuring a high standard in performance. We incorporate 100% recyclable,ASA resins added with durability and strength. Wherever you installed our products, you can enjoy decades of maintenance-free beauty.

Premium Quaity

The Look You Want. The Strength You Need

Fire Resistant

Safety Should Never Be A Choice. All products are available with fire-rated options to meet international standards.

Tested & Certified

We have worked with international testing authorities (SGS, TUV, INTERTEK) to assure our products will look great for longer.

Synthetic bamboo Panel work-KHW
Synthetic Bamboo poles KHW
bamboo poles KHW
Synthetic bamboo Fence Work KHW

KHW Synthetic Thatch

Explore a world of style and strength with Khw’s Synthetic Thatch collection. We’ve got you covered with different types like Palm, Straw, Exotic Bamboo, and Reed. They’re not just good-looking but also long-lasting. Choose Khw for a cool, eco-friendly upgrade to your space!

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