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KHW Palm Thatch

KHW’s palm thatch is an HDPE-based roofing material and looks just like real thatch. The leaves are arranged carefully to make strong panels that can handle rough weather. People often use KHW palm thatch for traditional tropical roofs and various projects. It’s good at keeping things warm and has a natural, eco-friendly look. Because it’s tough and works well in different places, it’s a favorite for buildings like beach houses, huts, resorts, restaurants, bars, private homes, and farmhouses. When you want a natural look, KHW’s synthetic thatch roof is the best choice in India.

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KHW Reed Thatch

KHW Reed Thatch is an HDPE-based synthetic roofing material that looks and feels like natural reed, which is strong and flexible. Skillfully bundling and layering these reeds makes a thatch that is strong and won’t break in bad weather. Khw reed thatch is often used for roofing because it keeps heat in and looks beautiful and natural in many places around the world. Its adaptability and durability make it a great choice for gazebos, garden roofs, tiki bars, and other hut roofs, as well as other buildings that want a classic and eco-friendly roof option.

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KHW Straw Thatch

Our Straw Thatch and Ubud Thatch roofing options add natural beauty and rustic charm to any space. Crafted with care, these long-lasting and eco-friendly materials not only make your home look better, but they also hold up well against the weather. This Mexican palapas-style straw thatch combines old-world charm with a modern twist. KHW Straw Thatch was used for the roof because it is both beautiful and long-lasting.

KHW bamboo poles


Exotic Synthetic Bamboo Collection

The KHW Exotic Bamboo Collection has some beautiful and unusual types of Khw bamboo. This product collection has different types of bamboo that are known for their beauty and variety. Each type has its own color, shape, and purpose. There are many beautiful decorative species and strong construction-grade bamboos in the KHW Exotic Bamboo Collection. These bamboos can be used for landscaping, interior design, and green building. It shows off Cambodia’s natural beauty and variety of plants and animals while promoting bamboo’s adaptability and long-term usefulness.

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