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KHW Solutions can assist you in finding the best artificial roofing materials and designs for your building. We are experts at taking abstract concepts and turning them into amazing things that occur in the real world. To do this, we come up with innovative, cutting-edge solutions to problems that are not only interesting but also have a long-term impact.


Our Principle

The mission of KHW Solutions is based on its values. Sustainability is what drives us to buy materials in an ethical way and care about the environment. Craftsmanship is how we make beautiful, high-quality things. We give people power by using fair labor and ethical sourcing. We use both history and new ideas to make things that look good and are useful. Key things are education, awareness, and customer satisfaction. We use these ideas to make the world a better place for everyone and the environment.


Everyone deserves to be treated well and unique product deserves its own respect


The right message about the product and service is mandatory in our offerings


What you see is what you get


We maintain the product authenticity and ensure 100% satisfaction

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Our Exoctic Synthetic Thatch collection

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KHW Palm Thatch

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KHW Solution's Mission & Vision

KHW Solution's goal is to share the finest things the world has to offer. India. We evaluate, incorporate, and create access for these one-of-a-kind items in India.
KHW Solution's is a business with a clear goal to be different, creative, and excellent. For its customers, the company is the world's inventory, and it claims to meet their needs every time, from anywhere.

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